Too many Americans are overpaying for medical imaging services

Did you know that the cost of a colonoscopy can vary by greatly across different facilities in the same city and cost hundreds if not thousands more than a CT Colonoscopy?

Are you one of the 10 million Americans who undergo this routine procedure each year?

A recent study by the International Confederation of Health Plans revealed that many patients in major metropolitan areas across the country are vastly overpaying for their medical imaging services, even when a much less expensive option is available. At Doctors Imaging, we are dedicated to spreading awareness about low-cost imaging services. We believe the patient comes first, and as a result our top priority will always be providing high-quality services at the lowest prices available.

Many patients receive excessively priced medical imaging services every day, often at facilities that lack caring, thoughtful staff members. Doctors Imaging is determined to put an end to this trend. Everyday we work to provide our patients with the absolute best service at prices that cannot be beat anywhere else.

Do not stand idly by while your friends and family are paying too much for their procedures at a hospital. You have already chosen to save with Doctors Imaging, now let them know how they can too, including the choice to have a CT Colonoscopy rather than a more invasive and overly expensive traditional colonoscopy. Help us in our mission to stop patients from overpaying for medical imaging!

To see a complete list of our services and prices, as well as how they compare to other facilities in the area, please visit our website today and select the Compare Prices page.

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