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  • December 2006: New Orleans Living magazine acknowledged the significance of alternatives to medical imaging at hospitals. “If not for outpatient centers like Doctors Imaging,” our CEO said, “all patients requiring MRI, CT or other imaging exams would have to depend on hospitals. While most major hospitals are well equipped, they also have a tendency to be inefficient and more costly.”
  • May 2007: Doctors Imaging opened its doors in June 2006, just 10 months after Hurricane Katrina. The article “Beating the Odds” appeared in the trade journal Imaging Economics, which is now known as Axis Imaging. Doctors Imaging was conceived as a “center of excellence” with the latest technology, the best available radiologists, and high standards for service. “We wanted to be part of rebuilding the city….We have a staff of people who put faith in us at a time when there’s a lot of uncertainty in the city, and we’re the fortunate ones as a result.”
  • August 2016: Biz New Orleans Magazine examined our use of quantitative Diffusion Tensor Imaging (qDTI). It’s a highly specialized MRI exam to detect and measure microscopic brain injuries not seen by traditional MRI scanning. qDTI is a valuable medical tool aiding athletes and others who have suffered concussions.
  • April 5, 2017: WVUE-TV and co-produced a special report “Cracking the Code.” See how likely it is to overpay for medical imaging at hospitals. In one example, a hospital’s MRI price for the spine was higher than ours by $2,800!
  • May 4, 2017: Our CEO told writer Jed Lipinski why hospitals charge so much more than independent imaging facilities like Doctors Imaging. Prices for many procedures, like an MRI, can vary widely. “I think price absolutely matters,” we told WVUE-TV Fox 8 News. “Patients should be oriented to looking into whether or not they can get the same service at a lower cost.”
  • May 9, 2017: Here’s a money-saving list from WVUE-TV: “10 questions to ask before your pricey medical procedure.” Our CEO’s advice still stands: Listen to your doctor. And when it comes to where to go for imaging or other services available outside the hospital, allow yourself to consider costs. “Doctors are typically either too busy to be very aware of those pricing differences. Or sometimes it’s just not their priority.”
  • May 20, 2017: The team at Clear Health Costs is always on the case. One of our patients saved $3,786 by coming to Doctors Imaging instead of the hospital! Read the story in her own words.
  • July 2017: According to WVUE-TV Fox8Live reporting, prices for the same imaging procedure can vary widely when comparing insurance costs. Our CEO suggested some patients might even save on out-of-pocket costs by paying no-insurance discounted rates at outpatient facilities like Doctors Imaging instead of going to hospitals.
  • March 2018: Edward L. Soll, M.D., founder of Doctors Imaging, was named a 2018 Health Care Hero by New Orleans CityBusiness. Dr. Soll was recognized for establishing The Concussion Group, which identifies mild traumatic brain injury using qDTI, a highly sophisticated method for acquiring and analyzing MRI data.
  • June 2018: In this BIZ New Orleans magazine article, our founder Edward Soll, MD, was asked about NeuroQuant, a new approach used to diagnose Alzheimer’s: “This technology aids in the diagnosis of non-Alzheimer’s dementia and when Alzheimer’s is ruled out, it lets doctors look for what is causing the memory loss.”
  • June 2019: Thank you to all our patients and friends who voted to make Doctors Imaging a winner in the 2019 Reader Rankings contest from New Orleans City Business. We are humbled by the trust you put in us for your care.

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