Doctors Imaging utilizes the latest and most technologically advanced equipment including our 3T MRI, Open MRI, digital X-ray, Ultrasound, Low-Dose CT scan and Nuclear Medicine imaging. We believe that everyone should have access to these technologies so that they can be confident in their treatment plans and knowledgeable about their health conditions. We offer you advanced technology and medical expertise with quality that is as good or better than hospitals.

We offer you affordable access to advanced technology without sacrificing quality or comfort:

You don’t have to choose between the best exam and the best price when you’re at Doctors Imaging. For example, a 3T MRI is the most powerful MRI machine for every part of the body and we are the region’s first independent imaging center to offer its capabilities. Insurance companies and other third-party payors typically charge based on the type of exam regardless of how advanced the technology is. But, as a Doctors Imaging patient, you’ll have access to the highest quality exams for the same low cost.

MRI Options

Our stand-alone imaging center offers powerful Ultra High-Field 3T MRI and Open MRI. So you can be sure that we are prepared to meet all your needs for your next MRI. These MRI exams use no radiation at all. But the measurement of 3T (3 Tesla) refers to the strength of the magnet.

  • The 3T MRI unit is a large doughnut-shaped magnet with a tube-like central opening. A patient lies on a moveable examination table that slides into the center of the magnet. The high image quality corrects for slight movement from the patient, like breathing, and is performed much faster than previous forms of imaging.
  • For some exams, doctors can order an open MRI when a patient is concerned about feeling claustrophobic with a conventional MRI.

Equipment for CT Scans / CAT Scans

Doctors Imaging has achieved improved diagnostic capabilities through continuous innovation, taking advantage of new procedures and technology as they become available. With patient safety as a top priority, our advanced low-dose CT scanner assigns the minimum amount of radiation dosage possible, reducing exposure up to 75% compared to other CT scanners. We are proud to offer technology that protects our patients while still producing exceptional images and allowing for high-quality radiological interpretation. This low-dose CT machine is the Toshiba Lightning Aquillon CT scanner with Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D software. With this technology, multiple 0.5 mm “slices” or pictures of the examined area can be provided to doctors allowing them to see further and deeper into the body so they can give a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. The equipment makes it possible for radiologists to find blockages, plaque buildup, and tumors in their beginning stages.

Other features of the CT scanner:

  • The digital acquisition system reduces noise by 28%
  • The 78-cm bore allows room for patient comfort.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine promises diagnostic technology that’s efficient, precise, and sophisticated. Our GE Dual-Head Millennium MG Gamma Camera
provides high image quality and requires a low injected dose. Exam times can also be reduced.

The Millennium’s exceptional image quality starts with Digital Correlated Signal Enhancement detectors. Unlike other conventional nuclear imaging techniques, Digital CSE detectors gather and sum up all the available signals -– even the small, distant signals typically discounted and discarded by regular Anger cameras -– before any signal processing is performed.

The equipment also includes real-time automatic body contouring, which automatically follows the individual patient anatomy, maintaining minimal
distance between the moving detectors and the patient throughout the entire scan, thus eliminating the need for pre-scan patient-contour learning and time-consuming camera setup.

Digital X-Ray

At Doctors Imaging, we also provide digital X-rays so there is less radiation exposure from this as opposed to conventional X-ray machines still in use. In years past, X-ray images were maintained on large film sheets (much like a large photographic negative). Today, X-ray images are captured as digital files. These stored images are easily shared with you and your doctor to support your healthcare.

Previous generations of X-ray equipment exposed the body to higher amounts of radiation. The latest X-ray machines use less radiation and provide imaging of skeletal structures even better than before.


Ultrasounds use sound waves and computer technology in order to produce an image in real-time. Our ultrasounds allow patients to have the most in-depth and detailed images. This enables doctors to better diagnose certain conditions. Ultrasounds take a catalog of echoes using sound waves produced by the transducer (ultrasound wand) and then combine the images in a digital bank to create a more detailed image.

At Doctors Imaging, our equipment includes:

  1. MRI – Siemens 3T Magnetom Trio
  2. Open MRI – Siemens
  3. CT – Toshiba Aquilion Lightning (Low Dose Radiation)
  4. Ultrasound – Phillips
  5. X-Ray – Siemens Digital
  6. Nuclear Medicine – GE Dual-Head Millennium MG Gamma Camera