Car Accident Head Injuries, Safety and Precautions

Car accidents can be some of the scariest moments of one’s life. Despite the innovations and advances in automobile safety technology, human error is still hard to beat. About half of all reported head injuries are the result of an automobile accidents. Buckling seatbelts is a major preventative measure that everyone should apply when riding in a car. However, car accident head injuries can still come from steering wheel collisions, airbag deployment as well as window, windshield and debris injury.

Head injuries can vary in the degree of seriousness. Some walk away with a bump on the head often referred to as a contusion, other suffer from conditions like concussions, some have more traumatic brain injury episodes like  memory loss. In the event of a car accident, having the proper body and brain imaging can be a major protective measure against progression of the injury.

At Doctors Imaging in Metairie, we have lots of experience helping those that have suffered from car accident head injuries. Whether it is our digital X-ray capabilities for broken bones or MRIs to determine the extent of brain injury, at Doctors Imaging we are committed to providing affordable and quality imaging services for the greater New Orleans area.

The newest addition to the Doctors Imaging services is diffuse tensor imaging (DTI). Because car accident head injuries are so common, we are very proud to be offering this service to the Gulf South region because of the numerous benefits it provides. Diffuse tensor imaging is an advanced form of MRI that traces the movement of water and hydrogen atoms in the nerve pathways of the brain. You may be wondering, how is this method better than traditional MRI scans?

Traditional MRI scans are the best for determining internal or soft tissue damage in the body. However, CT scans and MRI are not equipped to trace the nerve pathways in the white matter of the brain and highlight otherwise unseen brain injuries. DTI goes further than the traditional brain scan. Water molecules follow a certain pattern in the brain along the nerve pathways. When you can see that the path has been disrupted, physicians know to look further into this area to find possible injury. Because head injuries can appear non-threatening, they can develop into more serious conditions in the weeks and months after the accident.

DTI is especially useful for concussed patients. Some concussions can heal in a few days while others can leave more lasting injuries. The only way that diffuse tensor imaging can be performed is with a 3.0 Tesla MRI and special software capabilities. Doctors Imaging in Metairie is the only facility in the Gulf South area to have this capability and as such we receive patients all over the region looking to determine the extent of their sport, work and car accident head injuries.

If you have more questions about head injuries, diffuse tensor imaging or other injuries that require imaging, please feel free to contact Doctors Imaging at 504-833-8111 or peruse our DTI Service Page for more information. If you would like to set up an appointment for DT imaging or other kinds of imaging, you can use our Request Appointment function as well.