Low-Dose CT Scans Could Save Your Life

Are you a longtime smoker, or a former heavy smoker? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you can reduce your risk of death from lung cancer by 20% when you receive a low-dose CT scan.

This groundbreaking discovery in cancer prevention and treatment came two years ago when the New England Journal of Medicine published a study supporting the value of CT scans in detecting lung cancer more effectively than traditional X-rays.

Since the publication, hospitals and imaging centers have been working tirelessly to inform patients about the benefits of CT scans, while also trying to ensure that the procedure is as affordable and convenient as possible. Currently, Medicare and most insurance companies do not cover the cost of the screening, making it difficult for many patients to get the testing they need to ensure long term health.

That’s where Doctors Imaging comes in. We don’t operate like a hospital or traditional imaging center. For us, the patient always comes first, which is why we offer lung cancer CT scans for as low as $99 — a price you won’t find anywhere else in the Greater New Orleans area. In many cases our CT scans are half the cost of a standard X-ray at the hospital. We invite you to request a risk-free, no-obligation, personalized quote for any service we offer. When you’re ready, you can schedule an appointment online, or by calling 504-883-8111 to speak with a live representative. But don’t wait too long. Imaging services like low-dose CT scans can save your life.