Medical Imaging Exams and Equipment to Help Diagnose Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally. The cause is debatable between poor diets, lack of exercise or genetics, but regardless of why it is happening, people need to take the necessary steps to improving their lives. Any physician will tell a patient that the way to better cardiac health is through the tried and true methods of eating better, exercising more and taking precautions if your family has a history of heart disease.

Because of the widespread presence of heart disease around the world, doctors and scientists have been able to develop new and innovative ways to detect and combat heart disease. Medical imaging is the premier way for doctors to determine the probability of developing a heart condition and there are a few different kinds of tests to use.

MRIs are one method that doctors sometimes use to test the heart and blood flow through the coronary pathways. MRIs use strong magnetic and radio waves to create images of the internal body.

MRIs are not the only imaging exam that doctors can use when a patient is concerned about their cardiac health. Another frequently used medical imaging exam for determining the condition of the heart is through CT or CAT scans. CT scans are beneficial to examining the heart because the heart is a muscle and CT scans use X-ray and computer equipment to produce cross-sectional images of the body, including several types of tissue. In some instances, technicians administer contrast dye to view the coronary arteries in an exam called coronary CT angiography or CTA.  Other conditions to be on the look for include pericardial disease or heart disease that occurs in the pericardium or the sac that surrounds the heart. CT scans do use radiation to create the images of the body but Doctors Imaging calibrates all the machines to the lowest possible radiation setting so patients do not need to worry about further injury.

If your doctors are concerned about the possibility of a vascular problem leading to heart disease, he or she may order a carotid ultrasound. The body has two carotid arteries and if either one becomes compromised, the patient could go into cardiac arrest or stroke. If a patient is worried about their cardiac condition, ultrasounds are another completely safe and effective form of medical imaging. Ultrasounds only use sound waves and computer technology to create their images and patients and doctors can see the flow of blood throughout the body in real time, making it that much easier to determine and cause and find treatment.

All these tests are important for gauging your cardiac health. That doesn’t mean they need to be performed at once or you might miss something. Every patient and their symptoms are different and thus, every patient needs a personalized treatment plan for their illness. At Doctors Imaging in Metairie, patients may have a 15 minute consultation as well as personalized treatment plan for their injury or illness.

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