5_4 Million Americans CroppedNeuroQuant is an FDA cleared software that is a part of the routine MRI protocol that Doctors Imaging provides for memory loss, Multiple Sclerosis, brain trauma and testing for certain other neurologic conditions. NeuroQuant is also available upon request from referring physicians that need volumetric analysis when making clinical assessments for any disease that may cause alterations in brain anatomy. Preparing for a doctor’s visit helps you get the best care possible – asking for a NeuroQuant analysis can provide that valuable information needed to get to the root of memory difficulties and other neurologic abnormalities.

NeuroQuant is a test we use to evaluate the brain micro-structure and detect Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The results of the exam are compared to a database of healthy people of the same age and gender.

Early diagnosis allows the physician and patient to discuss treatment options. In the earlier stages of the disease, patients will have an understanding of what is happening, and therefore, will be able to evaluate their options and plan for their future. Biomarkers such as the volumetric measurement of the hippocampus by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are increasingly becoming an important tool for early diagnosis in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). NeuroQuant can provide an early warning of Alzheimer’s disease for patients who have mild cognitive impairment.

Why Should You Talk About NeuroQuant with your physician?

  1. NeuroQuant can help physicians evaluate if there is volume change of certain brain structures (atrophy of the brain’s hippocampus and increased size of the ventricles are commonly seen in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases).
  2. In cases where Alzheimer’s is suspected, NeuroQuant can be used for ongoing tracking by taking an initial measurement and then comparing it to follow-up measurements (taken at a later dates) to see if the brain structure volume has changed and at what rate.
  3. NeuroQuant can also help in the evaluation of non-Alzheimer’s dementia allowing referring physicians to focus on other causes of memory loss.

Learn More About NeuroQuant in the video below.

Sample NeuroQuant report

NeuroQuant Example REport