Can Men Benefit From Ultrasound Procedures?

Most people assume that ultrasounds are specifically designed for viewing unborn fetuses and other female medical issues. In truth, men can also gain a remarkable amount of benefits from undergoing an ultrasound procedure. The goal of any imaging procedure is to have a clear picture of the examined area so that a physician can make the best treatment choice for a patient. If you are a man and wondering what the advantages could be to having an ultrasound performed, read through and see if you would like to speak to your doctor about scheduling an appointment.

Ultrasounds use sound waves to create images. The same way that sonar works for marine science, sound waves are emitted through the body and when they come into contact with a structure, whether it is an organ or other mass, that structure sends the sound waves back to the ultrasound machine. The machine then interprets the sound waves to determine things like size and location.

When checking for male-specific health problems, doctors use ultrasounds frequently. Most often ultrasound is used in the abdomen to see the gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas abd liver. Vascular and heart evaluations may use ultrasound technology. The thyroid gland is well visualized with ultrasound. Ultrasounds are also used for checking the possibility of testicular cancer. Ultrasounds are best for providing images of the scrotum and surrounding tissues. Physicians use ultrasound technology to determine the presence of masses, infertility, and testicular injury. Pain, swelling, inflammation could be symptomatic of epididymitis or testicular torsion, a condition that reduces blood supply to the scrotum and requires immediate surgery. Undescended testes affect up to 30% of boys, and if not properly monitored the condition contains a high risk of developing cancer.

It is important that the general public understand that ultrasounds are not just for women and pregnancy but can contain a variety of health benefits for men as well. Ultrasounds are a frequently used, completely painless imaging procedure. If you have other questions or concerns about having an ultrasound performed, speak to your doctor about scheduling an appointment.

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