Finding and Treating Prostate Cancer Early

Learning that one has cancer is never an easy moment. Luckily with the advances and progresses in the oncology field, more people are learning what they can to do to treat and heal from their cancer.

When found in the early stages, one of the most treatable cancers currently is prostate cancer. With higher standards of preventative testing and more information readily available, more men are finding out that they have prostate cancer in its early stages. According to the CDC, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, excluding non-skin melanoma cancer, and is also one of the leading causes of cancer death in men. When prostate cancer is developing, men will sometimes notice bloody urine, difficulty with or frequency of urination as well as sexual dysfunction. Do not ignore these early symptoms for fear of judgment or embarrassment, as they can be the key to a successful treatment plan. If doctors determine that a man may have prostate cancer, his next step will likely include medical imaging and biopsy.

The best way to learn your potentiality or to keep oneself monitored for prostate cancer is to attend regular check-ups with your primary care physician, have PSA or prostate specific antigen tests performed, as well as maintaining regular prostate exams. If your doctor has determined that something may be problematic with your prostate, his first step may be to schedule an ultrasound imaging exam for further evaluation.

The civilian population believes that ultrasounds are a procedure relegated to expectant mothers, when in fact, both men and women can experience benefits from this kind of imaging. For men, ultrasounds can determine if there is a growth around the prostate, if the prostate gland is enlarged, or to help determine the cause of a male’s infertility. For men with the possibility of prostate cancer, having an ultrasound is the least painful and invasive way for doctors to exam the prostate. Because of the location of the prostate, physicians and technicians must insert the transducer wand rectally in order to produce the best images. Because an ultrasound exam creates real-time results, doctors will often use them to guide biopsy wands in preparation for surgery. While the procedure can be uncomfortable for some, understanding the invaluable information doctors glean from these exams is the key to staying calm and cool.

Beyond our ultrasound capabilities, recent reports indicate that using a 3T-MRI scan can eliminate the need for an endorectal coil while still conveying a strong probability of cancer cells in the prostate. Traditional MRI methods for finding prostate cancer call for the use of endorectal coils for clarity purposes and to use contrast material. Both of these experiences can be mildly uncomfortable for some patients. However, Doctors Imaging offers Diffusion Weighted MRIs which are extremely beneficial to both finding and treating prostate cancer. Diffusion MRIs work to track the movement of water through the body’s systems. As water moves through the body and prostate glands, doctors can monitor the path. When the water behaves in an unfamiliar way, your doctor will be able to focus to that region and find the cancer cells. Doctors Imaging first introduced the 3.0T MRI to New Orleans in 2006 and then developed protocols for 3T/ Diffusion Imaging scanning of the prostate. Doctors Imaging is also responsible for introducing prostate spectroscopy and dynamic contrast enhancement to the city, thus aiding in the successful treatment of hundreds of cases.

Are you concerned about the possibility of prostate cancer or disorder? You could head to a hospital to have the aforementioned procedures performed. However, you may not have access to the most-up-to-date medical imaging machinery and you may not be getting the best priced procedure either. Compare our prices and equipment to other facilities and hospitals in the New Orleans area and you will find that Doctors Imaging in Metairie is way ahead of the crowd with the Phillips 3D/4D Ultrasound machine.

Doctors Imaging works with several insurance providers and operates near East Jefferson Hospital, so feel free to compare our prices and our equipment to our competitors and see that Doctors Imaging is the choice you want to make for your medical imaging needs.

Prostate cancer should not have to be a death sentence. By keeping annual check-ups and having prostate exams, men can catch prostate cancer earlier and with expert treatment and equipment, prostate cancer can be a temporary condition.

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