The Art Behind a CT Scan

Who know peering into the human body could be so mesmerizing? Dr. Kai-hung Fung is not only a Hong Kong-based radiologist, but he is also known as an artist. While developing 3-D images that allow surgeons to visualize complex anatomies before surgery, Dr. Fung discovered that CT scans are not just black and white.

Using CT scans that show slices of organs at a different depth, Dr. Fung was able to stack the slices into a single image and develop a method to indicate the changes in depth with contour line that resemble those on a topographic map. Human anatomy is beautiful, and a CT scan of a female nose can resemble a beautiful, exotic flower.

Since then, Dr. Fung’s art career has blossomed. His amazing diagnostic images have been awarded, exhibited and published. His CT and MR scans are more than just psychedelic images, they are “4-D visualizations” that help surgeons visualize the changing perspectives and relative relationships of various anatomical structures. Think of “Fantastic Voyage” but this is not science fiction.

This accidental discovery has changed the way we will view CT and MRI scans forever.