Do Your Research to Save on the Cost of CT Scans

You probably heard this phrase a time or two from your parents when deciding on a college, picking out a new car, or negotiating a job opportunity, “Shop around for so you can get the best deal.” While your parent’s advice probably proved right more times than you can count, it still applies in the adult world. A recently published article from NPR shows us that shopping around, even for medical imaging, can help you save money and find a better facility.

Under normal circumstances, your parents wouldn’t be too concerned with finding the lowest price when it comes to a medical procedure, they want you to have the best care that will keep you healthy, regardless of the cost. However, because medical imaging isn’t invasive there is more room to find a budget-friendly alternative than a hospital.

The cost of CT scans can be different depending on the facility that you have them performed at but for many patients, searching through different independent medical imaging centers can save as much as $100-$200. That may not seem like much but it is when you are dealing with a host of other medical bills, anywhere that you can save is appreciated.

When you come to Doctors Imaging in Metairie, we can guarantee that most of our patients have paid less at our facility than they would have at a hospital in the area. And for those concerned, just because the price is lower does not mean that any decrease in the quality of care. At Doctors Imaging, we offer a 15 minute consultation session with patients before they undergo any imaging procedures. We are committed to making all visitors to Doctors Imaging feel as comfortable as possible. We do this for two reasons: to make sure that we can capture the most useful images for physicians and so that patients can have a pleasant experience at our offices.

We accept most every insurance plan and take all major credit cards. We are even open to setting up a payment plan for patients that need to space out their payments. We are here to make our patient’s lives easier and we will continue to do so with affordable pricing and special attention to quality customer care. That means value.

So if you are worried about the cost of CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, X-rays or PET-CT scans, please contact Doctors Imaging in Metairie and let us see if we can match a better price. Call us today at 504-883-8111.