DTI May Identify Biomarker of Alzheimer’s Disease

unnamedPrimary care doctors frequently encounter men and women under 65 years of age that have mild memory and cognitive difficulty, raising the question of (EOAD) Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Using 3T MRI with qDTI (quantitative Diffusion Tensor Imaging) can identify white matter biomarkers that present before actual symptoms. Please take a moment or two to learn about the remarkable advances in the study of brain microstructure and how it may help in your practice.

Recent work by Federica Agosta, M.D., PhD and a consortium of top European neuroscientists explains that “DTI has the potential to assess the extensive disorganization of brain networks in focal Alzheimers Disease even before cognitive deficits become apparent.” You can read the full scientific article here.

Why Choose Doctors Imaging for this Procedure?

Doctors Imaging has been successfully using qDTI for concussion syndrome evaluation for over a year. We have successfully modified our concussion purpose qDTI techniques and imaging processes such that we are now accepting referrals for the evaluation of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you have concerns regarding memory loss or wish to schedule an appointment for a Quantitative DTI at Doctors Imaging, just call 504-883-8111 or fill out the Request Appointment form.