Do You Know When it’s Time to Get an MRI?

It happens to everyone, we all try to decide if it’s really necessary to go to the doctor and get checked out. It can be difficult to know when it’s time to get a professional’s opinion and unlike when you have the flu and can simply check if you have a fever with in-home technology, it is even harder to recognize when your doctor might think it’s time to go to an outpatient imaging center and get an MRI. To make this decision easier, we have identified some signs that it’s perhaps time to get a diagnostic test such as an MRI.

  • You feel like you have soft tissue damage—MRIs are a highly accurate way of analyzing tissue structures and therefore showing any injuries to muscles, tendons or ligaments.

  • You feel like you have a spinal injury—MRIs are also very effective at spotting spinal injuries ranging from herniated discs to spinal stenosis to spinal tumors.

  • You have abdominal problems—MRIs are a useful tool for diagnosing pancreatic and liver disease and various other abdominal problems.

  • You think you mayhave vascular problems — like blockage or an aneurism. MRIs can examine many areas of the head and body in great depth and can then assist in determining their if there is a problem.

When determining the best course of action in your health care, it is important to identify the most effective testing methods. Doctors Imaging is an established and accredited imaging center in the Greater Jefferson/New Orleans area, and they can help you and your doctor determine your problem and its solution.. MRIs serve as a useful tool in diagnosing medical conditions, but after getting your MRI results, it is imperative for you to receive the proper follow-up care as well.