5 Ways We Increase Comfort During Your MRI, CT Scan or Other Test

When patients need to have medical imaging, they face a variety of emotions. At Doctors Imaging, we understand that having these procedures can make patients nervous, especially when thinking about the possible results. This is why we implement a number of different practices in the hopes of making our patients comfortable and secure in their choice to use Doctors Imaging as their imaging facility.

  1. To begin, the patient that has the most information about the procedure often feels the most confident and relaxed. Technicians and physicians often remark that the patients who are the most nervous are simply reacting to a lack of information. So before coming in for your exam, be sure to review our frequently asked medical imaging questions for helpful information about our medical imaging devices. What you’ll find throughout our website, or by asking our technicians questions, is experienced knowledge and an eagerness to make our patients feel as prepared and comfortable as possible. At Doctors Imaging, we believe that knowledge is powerful but we also believe it is our responsibility to make our patients as comfortable as possible while in our care. We have a variety of approaches that we manage, all with the goal of acquiring the best images possible for physicians while providing patients with the best experience possible as well.
  2. Many people have a problem with claustrophobic feelings and this phobia can be elevated during these kinds of procedures. During exams like CT scans and MRIs, patients are moved into the machine. Although they are hardly trapped, the feeling of the enclosure can seem overwhelming for some. To combat this problem, doctors and technicians ask that patients be as honest as possible so that the procedure can be done as efficiently as possible. For example, if a patient is feeling particularly nervous or jumpy, they can fidget or make involuntary movements that can impact the quality of images.If you are a patient that has a problem with claustrophobia, you have some options. At Doctors Imaging, we can play relaxing music while you are having the exam performed in an effort to keep you calm. If you have a specific type of music you find relaxing, don’t hesitate to ask your technologist to play it. You can even bring your own CD with you.
  3. Other options for claustrophobic patients would be a change in medical imaging devices. MRIs are often described as enclosed but fortunately, an open or standing MRI is available. When using this kind of equipment, patients are not totally enveloped in the machine. But before you change the kind of instrument you use, you need to know that the resolution of the images may decrease. During an MRI exam, the magnet that revolves around the patient gives higher quality images because the magnet is able to make a complete rotation. While the images gained from open MRIs are still viable, they may not be of the same resolution as traditional MRIs.
  4. If you don’t want to change the kind of machine used, please speak to your doctor or technologist about taking a sedative prior to the exam. It’s best if your primary care physician prescribed this medication because they have a more comprehensive knowledge of your medical history and other medications you may be taking.
  5. Other options we have for keeping patients comfortable at Doctors Imaging are bringing family members or friends with you to your exam. They may not be able to hold your hand during the entirety of the exam, but many patients find they are comforted by a familiar face.To schedule your medical imaging appointment, please use our online scheduling form or call 504-883-8111.