5 Reasons to Get Your MRI or CT Scan at Doctors Imaging

Do you need an MRI, Ultrasound or CT scan? Whenever you do, many doctors’ practices assume you’ll have the test performed in their hospital or affiliated facility. After all, it’s convenient for them. On the other hand, you may have different ideas about what’s convenient, comfortable, and affordable for you.

Here are five reasons to choose Doctors Imaging for your next MRI, CT scan, or X-ray instead of the hospital.

  1. 100% Transparent: Be careful. The staff at your doctor’s office may be under pressure to schedule you at their own hospital imaging department — even if it costs you more. Most hospitals are reluctant to tell you about the total cost of your test. In contrast, the service specialists at Doctors Imaging are friendly, accessible, and transparent about the lower cost of our services.
  2. We can save you money: Many hospitals fail to tell you that you may be charged separate reading fees from their radiologists — another 15% to 25% on top of their high prices. At Doctors Imaging, we have one low fee. Does your insurance plan have a high deductible? If so, ask us about our discounted prices for patients who don’t have insurance or prefer not to use it.
  3. High Quality: Doctors Imaging is committed to advanced imaging technology that is meticulously maintained and frequently updated. Our radiologists are board-certified. Our imaging staff is registered and certified. At the end of the day, we produce medical imaging that is as good or better than the exams produced in a busy hospital. And we think you’ll appreciate our calm office environment; it’s nothing like a hospital.
  4. Insurance: We accept every major insurance including Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers Compensation plans. At Doctor Imaging, you may also enjoy significantly lower costs for the portion of your test not covered by insurance.
  5. Convenience: Unfortunately, it’s not unheard for patients to wait weeks for routine tests at other facilities. But at Doctors Imaging, we provide easy scheduling. We can usually offer you an appointment for the same day or the next day. The hospital staff has to juggle scheduled patients as well as sick and critically ill patients. But at Doctors Imaging, you’ll walk through a quiet waiting room on your way to your exam. We also have plenty of free parking on the first floor, just steps from our front door. You’ll be in and out of our Metairie office before you know it. And we get your exam results to your doctor fast — usually the next day. When your results are ready, you’ll have 24/7 access to our online Patient Portal so you can read your reports and see your pictures for yourself.

Here’s a reminder: It’s OK to talk to your doctor and their staff about skipping the hospital the next time you need a CAT scan, an X-ray, or any other imaging exam. You have the right to choose your imaging facility. You can even choose a different imaging facility after leaving your doctor’s office. It’s true. You can take your written orders wherever you like or simply ask your doctor to send your imaging order to Doctors Imaging.

By choosing Doctors Imaging, you’ll save time and money while you take charge as an active participant in your health care. Call us to start getting the quality, convenience, and service you deserve. You can also request your next appointment online.

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Navigating the World of MRI Pricing

It’s normal to shop around for the best price. In fact, there are a host of apps, websites and coupon groups that make it their job to filter through results and find the best prices. However, there are some things that we consider to be safer because they are more expensive. It implies that it is made of superior materials or is a more coveted product. Does this hold true for the world of medical imaging?

With all the recent controversy surrounding health care and affording health care procedures, having insurance doesn’t always mean that you are getting a procedure for the best price. And having your procedure performed at a hospital also doesn’t guarantee that you will be getting the best price available in your location. So that brings us to the main question, how can you get the best price for your medical imaging?

Looking around the country, there are others noting this same confusion. In a recent NPR article, one reporter tried to get prices for four different procedures and found that lower-back MRI pricing could range anywhere from $467 to $1,567 and at a self-pay academic medical center, more than $6,000. This is frustrating not only because a patient could be overpaying but that the responsibility falls to the patient to determine prices along with the credibility of a facility. In Indiana, the Government Accountability Office found lower back MRI pricing to range from $277 to almost $5000. In the same article, one reporter asked 24 different health care providers for the cost of a colonoscopy and hernia repair without insurance. The results: “limited cost information from only 13 of the facilities..only seven provided information on quality.”

Knowing the original price, price after insurance and finding a suitable location are all opaque decisions kept between hospitals and insurance companies, making it extremely difficult for the patient to know if they are overpaying for their procedure. That is why Doctors Imaging has made it as easy as possible for patients to learn how much their procedure will cost based on what is needed and their insurance plans. We offer free, no obligation quotes for all to ascertain how much a procedure will cost for them. Our goal is to offer transparency for patients. In addition, our free quotes concerning pricing are our way of making the search for the right price easier on patients. No need to call and speak to a line of representatives in the hopes of getting an answer. Your request will be answered in a timely fashion and you will pay less at Doctors Imaging than you will a hospital and still get the same great care and results.

If you don’t have insurance, you can still have your procedures performed at Doctors Imaging. We accept all major credit cards and are willing to make payment plans for patients that cannot pay the total at the time of the procedure. No one should have to go without just because they cannot afford a necessary procedure at one time.

Our free quotes aren’t the only way that Doctors Imaging is making medical imaging procedures easier to acquire, we are even open on Saturdays for MRI procedures. We understand that some patients cannot get the time off for doctors appointments during the week, so we make our facility available for those in need on the weekends too. At Doctors Imaging in Metairie, we want to offer affordable pricing and hospital-standard medical imaging for all patients that visit.

If you have more questions about booking an appointment with Doctors Imaging, feel free to browse our list of accepted insurance plans, check out our page on financial arrangements, our go straight to our Request-a-Quote page to get your next MRI or imaging procedure booked. You can also contact Doctors Imaging at 504-883-8111 if you have more questions.

What does your $25 co-pay really pay for?

Medical Bills are always confusing. What does your $25 co-pay really pay for? Is it the 3 band-aids you used after your shots, the shots themselves, or could it be the janitor’s salary? Patients don’t always get the breakdown of exactly what they’re paying for. So how do patients know they’re paying fair and reasonable rates?

In a recent opinion piece in the New York Times, The cure for the $1,000 toothbrush, Tina Rosenberg delves into the wonders of insurance and tries to get to the bottom of what exactly patients are paying for and how much. Patients may see they’re only paying 50% of the industry average, but when the industry average for a toothbrush is $1,000, $500 doesn’t seem like the bargain patients were looking for.

If someone asked you how much a night in the hospital costs, would you know the answer? If you said no, you’re not alone. At a conference of CEOs on controlling healthcare costs, none of the CEOs knew the current cost for one night in the hospital.

The healthcare industry is complex, and while it is impossible to understand every bill or know you’re paying 73% less than your next-door neighbor, patients should shop around for reasonable prices.

Doctors Imaging prides itself on offering imaging services for up to 50% less than neighboring hospitals, and what this really means for you is a $99 lung cancer screening. In a world of confusing bills and misleading breakdowns, Doctors Imaging can offer concrete and competitive prices to the New Orleans area.