Staying Connected: The Benefits of Streamlined Healthcare Information

As the Affordable Care Act begins implementation, the expanding costs of medical treatment in this country will continue to be a topic of discussion. With more people having access to medical insurance and treatment, health care providers, insurers and doctors will have to find a way to maintain quality service despite the extra patient load. One way that could benefit both doctor and patient is a transfer to electronic medical record sharing. By creating a more streamlined system of obtaining medical information, doctors, hospitals and facilities can perform their services with greater efficiency and faster result time.

As the costs of healthcare to continue to rise, cuts will have to be made. Instead of taking away from the patient’s needs or a doctor’s salary, there should be a system in place that will curb overspending and stop unneeded tests from being performed and charged. Now, with the secure Physician’s Portal from Doctors Imaging in Metairie, doctors across the nation, in nearly every single facility, are able to obtain patient’s test results with the just the click of a button. Soon patients at Doctors Imaging will also be able to the same by clicking on to their own secure and personal records (using our Patient Portal).

By having this kind of electronic records system, doctors and their facilities are able to cut back on unnecessary testing. If doctors have access to previously performed medical procedures, prescriptions and treatment plans, they are better equipped to help their patients, especially in the event of an emergency. This will create more efficient and quality patient care rather than scheduling and performing tests that have already been done. An electronic medical record sharing system can also help to decrease instances of fraud among the medical community. Now, offenders will not be able to go to different facilities across the state in order to obtain drugs or other items because doctors will be able to see that they are frequent flyers and discourage prescribing them medication.

In previous times, doctors would have to call a record keeping facility, hope that someone was there to procure a new patient’s history, and then wait on an endless number of faxes. But as the internet and technological industries to continue to advance, the medical field needs to as well. Doctor offices can be more efficient with their time, save money for both facility and patient, and provide better care and pricing for their patients.

Next time you go in for medical exams, be sure to talk to your physician about the potential to use records from other facilities. It can save you time, money, and most importantly, your health.