What can I expect after an MRI scan?

An MRI scan is a completely safe and necessary procedure for many people. Thousands of MRIs are performed every day within the United States. Despite the frequency of the exam, many can be nervous about what happens during and after. This brief article should allay your concerns.

Depending on the number of images or the degree of detail needed, most MRI procedures take only 15-45 minutes with 5-10 minute breaks between sequences. Contrast material can be administered through an IV or by swallowing a solution. Some describe a flushed, cooling sensation at the injection sites or a slight metallic taste.

If you are particularly nervous about the procedure or have strong feelings of claustrophobia, your radiologist may recommend that you have a mild sedative to help ease your discomfort. If you decide to have sedation during your scan, your doctor will likely recommend 1-2 hours of recovery time at the facility.

After your MRI scan is performed, you will likely want to see your results immediately. Sometimes you will need to stay behind in case your doctor needs more images. If not, the doctor will release you from the facility and you can continue with your daily routine. A radiologist will analyze your test results and send a signed results page. Then, your test results will be sent to your physician.

The information gleaned from MRIs is incredibly beneficial to your health and your doctor’s ability to give the best treatment options and patient care experience. If you have other questions or want to schedule an MRI appointment let your local radiologist know.

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