The Differences Between Younger and Older Medical Imaging Patients

Medical imaging is one of those fields that experiences interaction between people of all ages. When you are concerned about your health or have experienced an injury, you’ll need diagnostic medical imaging to determine the severity of your condition. Doctors in the medical imaging field see a variety of patients ranging in different ages and there are some key differences and similarities between the younger and older patients.

Some of the most obvious differences between the ages are found in the questions asked to the doctors and technicians before they begin procedures. Older patients typically exhibit more nervousness surrounding the procedure and thus ask many more questions. Usually patients over the age of 40 have more questions about the amount of radiation they will be exposed to as well as how long their results will take to develop. Luckily for them, at Doctors Imaging in Louisiana, patients can receive their results within the same day. Please don’t be confused, this doesn’t meant that they will have a diagnosis in the same day, it just means that your physician will receive your images and report for his examination in the same day. So patients do not have to wait nervously for weeks waiting to hear results.

While younger patients may think that pestering your doctor about the effects and results of your medical imaging procedure isn’t a good idea, Doctors Imaging endorses this kind of behavior. Having your questions answered and your anxiety calmed will allow for a more efficient and effective procedure as well as an easier time waiting for the results of your exam. If you are feeling nervous about the procedure, you are free to call Doctors Imaging at any time and speak to a representative that can answer your questions fully.

We encourage an open ended conversation between doctors, technicians and patients. By understanding the mindset of the patient whether it is curiosity, nervousness, or fear, we can help to make your experience easier. Which brings us to our younger patients: Doctors have found that they ask fewer questions. Maybe this is because they have a greater grasp of the technology involved or that they just trust their doctor’s directions implicitly. Perhaps they are just more scared than their older counterparts and want to stay in the dark about any health problems they may have. Whatever the reason, there is no question that could be asked that your doctors will not want to answer. They are there to help make sure that your imaging procedure is as comfortable and informative as possible.

Although there may be a few differences between the two age groups, there are some factors that are similar, regardless of age. Most patients that visit just want to make sure that they are healthy and are scared that the results of their medical imaging procedure will reveal otherwise. Almost every patient has an adverse reaction to any type of pain and wants the procedure to be over as soon as possible. Remember to share these feelings with your doctor or technician so they can do everything possible to make you feel more comfortable.

The next time you have to come in for a routine procedure, just remember that whatever you are feeling, you aren’t alone. We’re here to make your imaging a high quality procedure with best experience possible and at a reasonable price. As you research online for possibilities and possibly scare yourself with all the rumors and myths surround medical imaging, call or come into Doctors Imaging and let us give you our professional advice and opinion.

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